Don't just take our word for it.... 

Chance Bentley, Dane's Dad
'Our son has thrived in this unique learning environment.  Working together with kids of various ages, backgrounds, abilities and cultures has provided a more well-rounded experience than the typical age-segregated classes.  Coupled with an individualised curriculum and one on one teacher support, I can't imagine a better learning scenario for our son'.
Paul and Rina Jones - Kaelan's Mum and Dad

'We arrived in Hong Kong in March 2014 with the typical dilemma of where we could educate our son, Kaelan, then aged 6, mid- year. We were impressed by the set up at this school and within days of our arrival, Kaelan was already starting classes.

The teacher-to-pupil ratio is amazingly high and while Kaelan is following the same UK curriculum, he is thriving so much that he is learning things far in advance of his classmates back home.

The school is a wonderful place where the pupils all look out for each other and the teachers are fantastic.  We have no hesitation in keeping Kaelan there permanently.



Helen, Jade and Tao's Mum

We could not have found a better education for both our children. Having just relocated to Hong Kong from England, we were fortunate to first have our daughter under the loving guidance of Ms Justine and the wonderful team.  We watched her blossom both academically and personally.

We were so happy with the school and moved our son to there too. Within a year he became motivated and started to take responsibility for his own study, while continuing to have fun learning and growing.

What is also so special about this school is the community made of teachers and parents.  We became friends with other parents and formed precious friendships.  

The communication is excellent and we were always informed about what is going on.  Ms Justine would go out of her way to help the children to achieve their best potential.  She was instrumental for our children to be admitted to Kings College school in Cambridge.  We were blessed to have her as a teacher for both of our children and recommend the school wholeheartedly to anyone.

Asha and Sridhar Kowligi, Meghna's Mum and Dad

'This school was a god-sent opportunity for us. We find their approach to learning very refreshing.  Each student is treated as an individual and they are given equal opportunities to learn at a pace that is appropriate to them.  Students are encouraged to be different and they explore their strengths and weaknesses from that position, instead of being compared and pressurised.  Our daughter has flourished in the years she has been there.  We only wish we had heard about the school sooner.'
Kristy Smith, Reece's Mum

'I really cannot thank the school enough for giving our boy the confidence, motivation and support to be successful in his education.  You truly have recognised his strengths and made him feel good about himself and what he has to offer others in a learning environment.

I am so thankful to have found the school and for us to be exiting Hong Kong having had this experience.'




Bernadette Kent, Will and Ollie's Mum

Our children have received such a wonderful and individually tailored education at the school, they have been encouraged to learn in such a positive way which has resulted in them becoming independent, confident and keen to learn.


We love the way the teachers 'think outside of the box' and realise all kids are different and learn differently.


Michelle Loong, Faith's Mum

'My daughter is given ample opportunities and challenges to enable her to stretch her potential. The training of the mind to think, focus, learn discipline, take responsibility, along with bite sized learning sessions in small groups have helped Faith progress at the school.'